Academic Lecture on 'Interfacial Effects in Phase-Change Heat Transfer'

Time: 14:30pm, November 2nd, 2018


Lecturer: Prof. Ping Cheng received his MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, his Ph.D. degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University. He is a Chair Professor in School of Mechanical Engineering at Shanghai Jiaotong University, and a Distinguished Professor of School of Power Engineering at Shanghai University of Science and Technology. Prior to his present position, he served as the Head of Mechanical Engineering Department at Hong Kong University of Science (1995-2002) and Chairman of Mechanical Engineering at University of Hawaii (1987-1994).  

Professor Cheng is an internationally renowned specialist in heat transfer. He has published more than 270 SCI journal papers, with over 9,000 SCI citations achieving an H-factor of 46. He has done seminal research work in porous-media heat transfer, radiative gas dynamics, microscale heat transfer, and most recently in lattice Boltzmann simulations of phase-change phenomena.

Professor Cheng has received four top international honors, including 2007 ASME/AICHE Max Jakob Memorial Award (the highest honor in the field of heat transfer) for his pioneering contributions in microscale heat transfer, porous media heat transfer radiative heat transfer, 1995 ASME Heat Transfer Memorial Award for his ground breaking work in porous media heat transfer, 2003 AIAA Thermophysics Award for his work in radiative heat transfer, and 2006 ASME Heat Transfer Division Classic Paper Award for his groundbreaking paper in free convection in porous media. He was also recipients of 2006 Shanghai Science and Technology Award (1st Class Category) and 2007 Natural Science Award of China (2nd Class Category). An Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Cheng is also a Fellow of both ASME and AIAA.

Professor Cheng is serving as Editors for Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer and Int. Comm. Heat Mass Transfer, and is a member of editorial board of 12 international heat transfer journals. He was the Chair of 2018 International Heat Transfer Conference held in Beijing in August 2018.

Content: Phase-change heat transfer (such as boiling, condensation, icing, and solidification) has important applications in air conditioning and refrigeration, power generation, materials processing and thermal management devices. In recent years, with advances in microfabrication technologies, modifications in surface wettability and surface microstructures for heat transfer enhancements have been emerged as a most active research area in the field of heat transfer. Recently, we have developed a novel phase-change lattice Boltzmann model to study wettability and microstructure effects in phase-change heat transfer. Numerical simulations of these interfacial effects in boiling, condensation, icing and solidification heat transfer will be presented in this lecture.