2019 International Research and Education Forum Held in JSUT

  On April 11th,organized by JSUT and world famous science academic press Elsevier, held by Changzhou Science and Technology Bureau, School of Material Engineering and China-Canada Institute for Advanced Surface&Interface Science and Engineering of JSUT, guided by Changzhou Municipal People’s Government, 2019 International Research and Education Forum held in JSUT. Experts and scholars of universities and scientific&research institutes from UK, Germany, Canada, Italy, Iran, Spain, Belgium, Norway, China and etc. get together in JSUT and shared great and latest achievements. JSUT vice president Bei Shaoyi held the opening ceremony.

  JSUT President Zhu Linsheng delivered an opening speech. On behalf of all the teachers, staffs and students, Zhu warmly welcomed all the academicians, leaders and guests, conveyed heartfelt congratulations on the opening of the forum and extended sincere gratitude to Jiangsu Foreign Experts Bureau and Changzhou Municipal People’s Government for the great support.After introducing the basic information and schooling characteristics of JSUT, Zhu expressed that 2019 International Research and Education Forum gathering by Professor Alidad held successfully in JSUT with experts and scholars in the field surface&interface science and engineering from home and abroad getting together and discussing the frontier issues to update the creation and competence of local industries and promote the technological innovation of related industries. Zhu hopes attended experts express opinions and propose suggestions and help to update the competence of JSUT for triggering local economic and social development as well as promote the high-level development of advanced manufacturing and new material industries in Changzhou and even Jiangsu.

  Professor Alidad Amirfazli, Chairman of the Forum, CAE Fellow and JSUT distinguished professor, said now China plays an leading role in promoting scientific cooperation. This forum focuses on academic research and will complete two important tasks: the first is to serve local economy better and promote the research&development programs together with related enterprises in Changzhou and Jiangsu; the second is in the name of JSUT, to discuss with Elsevier to establish a new international science journal.

  Zheng Ping, academician of Chinese Academy of Science, expressed the interests of material surface&interface research and conveyed gratitude to all the experts and scholars from all over the world and wish the complete success of the forum.

  Yang Xiaoping, Director General of Jiangsu Foreign Expert Bureau gave a speech. Yang affirmed the achievements in international jointly running school, international academic exchanges and high-level talent introduction of JSUT. He hopes taking this international forum as an opportunity, JSUT strengthen international cooperation and exchange, innovate talent introduction system, reinforce construction of foreign high-level talent group to update competence for local service and make more contribution for the high-quality development of Changzhou and even Jiangsu.  Yang said Jiangsu Foreign Expert Bureau will give support to talent introduction of JSUT as always.

   On the forum, 15 experts and scholars share the basic theoretical research of each group, latest proprietary technology and frontier development trend. Professor Zheng Ping gave an academic lecture on “Wettability and roughness effects on nuclear boiling from heated surfaces and droplet solidification on cooled surfaces”. Professor Sanjeev Chandra from University of Toronto, CAE Fellow, gave a introduction of “Thermal Spray Coating and Forming”.

  During the forum, Alidad Amirfazli, Sanjeev Chandra and Alessandro Realithree academicians had discussion with student journalists on major study, university life and personal development and encouraged students to study hard and get self-improvement.

  The forum will last one week. From April 11th to 12th,attended experts have wide and deep discussion on material surface&interface research; On April 13th, communication meeting on jointly running school between foreign universities and JSUT will be held; From April 11th to 12th, course training on specific subject will be held.