Academic Lecture on "Synthesis and applications of NaYbF4-based nano/microcrystals"

Time: 9:00-9:45 am, Sept. 16th

Place: #11-28

Lecturer: Dr. Chen Bing, postdoctor of City University of Hong Kong

Content: Three recent work containing cubic NaYbF4 and hexagonal NaYbF4 nanoparticles, as well as hexagonal NaYbF4 microcrystals are presented:

1) We present a new class of α-NaYbF4@ CaF2 core-satellite UCNPs for biodetection. We develop a sequential injection technique for controlling the deposition of CaF2 shells on the core nanoparticles, featuring rough surfaces. By taking advantage of the excellent adsorption performance of the rough surface, we demonstrate facile growth of high-QUALITY MnO2 nanosheets on the nanostructure for sensitive detection of glutathione.

2)  We establish an olelamine-mediated synthesis for controlling the formation ofβ-NaYbF4 nanoparticles. Mechanistic investigation reveals that OM ligands play a key role in controlling the nanoparticle formation by regulating phase transformation from the cubic intermediates to the hexagonal products.

3) We report a one-pot hydrothermal approach to synthesizing hollow microrods by kinetic morphology control through selective adhesion of organic ligands. Microscopy investigation on single crystals shows for the first time a void-enhanced nonlinear photoluminescence.

Interested teachers and students are all welcomed!