Academic Lecture on "Global Exponential k- Dissipative Semigroups And Expential Attraction"

Time:16:00 pm, Dec. 6th 

Place: #11-302

Lecturer: Dr. Wang Yonghai, vice professor of Donghua University

Content: Globally exponential k-dissipativity, a new concept of dissipativity for semigroups, is introduced. It provides a more general criterion of the exponential attraction of some evolutionary systems. Assuming that a semigroup has a bounded absorbing set, then the semigroup is globally exponentially k-dissipative if and only if there exists a compact set that is positive invariant and attracts any bounded subset exponentially. The set need not be finite dimensional, this result is illustrated with an application to a damped semilineare wave equation on a bounded domain.

Interested teachers and students are all welcomed!