Overseas Cooperative Universities and Distinguished Professor Support JSUT Virus Prevention and Control

   Now in the critical moment of a battle against the COVID-19 pandemic all over the country, JSUT overseas cooperative universities and distinguished professor sent letters to support the virus prevention and control and encouraged the teachers and students.

  Mr. Matthias Ehrsam, Dean of School of International Education and Cooperation, Merseburg University of Applied Sciences sent emails to JSUT to express the concerns. President of Merseburg University of Applied Sciences sent letters to students of Sino-German education program in Germany and gave warm reminders to students during the epidemic outbreak time. He hoped that the outbreak of COVID-19 will be ended soon and the exchanges between two universities will be back to normal again.

    Mr. Arie Maharshak, President of Ort Braude College of Israel sent letter to JSUT to express the sincere concerns and cares and wished health and safety to JSUT teachers and students, and wished the exchanges between two universities will return to normal soon.

  Mr. Lai Shun’an, Director of International Department of University of Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), on behalf of UTAR, expressed his warm concerns and heartfelt wishes. He believed on the joint effort of Chinese government and international community, we will win the outbreak fight in the end.

   Professor Alidad Amirfazl, distinguished professor of JSUT, Fellow of Canadian Institute of Engineering sent his cares to teachers and students of JSUT and donated a box of masks from abroad and expressed his wills to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic together with JSUT.