Academic lecture on "Inertial manifolds, finite-dimensional reduction and regularity "

Time: 14:00-17:30pm, October 26

     9:00-12:00am, October 28

     9:00-12:00am, October 30

     14:00-17:30pm, November 1

Place: Tencent Meeting ID: 852 5749 8709

Lecturer: Dr. Sergey Zelik, Professor of University of Surrey and Lanzhou University

Content: This mini-course will present the classical theory of inertial manifolds(IMs) for abstract semilinear parabolic equations and discuss the role of spectral gap conditions and obstacles to the regularity of the IMs thus constructed. After that we turn to more resent results related with extensions of IMs which will allow us to overcome these obstacles by increasing the dimension of the manifold and correcting properly the nonlinearity outside of the attractor. The presented abstract results will be illustrated on concrete equations arising in applications.

  Interested teachers and students are all welcomed!