Academic lecture on "Asymptotic behavior of supercritical wave equations driven by colored noise on unbounded domains"

Time: 8:30am, August 6th 

Place: Zoom ID: 884 8359 5603, Pass-code:515511

Lecturer: Dr. Wang Bixiang, Professor of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Content: This talk will introduce the asymptotic behavior of the non-autonomous random dynamical systems generated by the wave equations with supercritical nonlinearity driven by colored noise defined on Rn with n6. Based on the uniform Strichartz estimates, we prove the well-posedness of the equation in the natural energy space and define a continuous cocycle associated with the solution operator. We also establish the existence and uniqueness of tempered random attractors of the equation by showing the uniform smallness of the tails of the solutions outside a bounded domain in order to overcome the non-compactness of Sobolev embeddings on unbounded domains.

Interested teachers and students are all welcomed!