About School

The College of Mechanical Engineering was established in 1985, which was one of the earliest founded teaching units by our university. There are 5 basic teaching units under the college: the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, the Department of Process Equipment & Control Engineering, the Department of Basic Teaching and the Experiment & Training Center. At present the college has 3 undergraduate majors: Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation, Mechatronics Engineering and Process Equipment & Control Engineering. The college has becomes a pilot unit for training of postgraduate students for master’s degree in the field of mechanical engineering upon the approval for the “Development Project of Talents for Special National Demands in 2011. It has one national level special major (development station), one 12th Five Year Plan and 13th Five Year Plan key (development) discipline of Jiangsu Province, two 12th Five Year Plan key development majors of Jiangsu Province colleges and universities, two experiment & teaching demonstration centers of Jiangsu Province colleges and universities, one key development laboratory of Jiangsu Province colleges and universities, one outstanding teaching team of Jiangsu Province and 2 key laboratories of Changzhou City. Among the faculty members of our college, there are 11 professors, 34 persons with PhD, 12 Masters Supervisors, 1 young (or middle-aged) expert with great contribution of Jiangsu Province, 1 advanced individual in education field of Jiangsu Province (outstanding teaching staff), and 12 persons as talent development targets at ministerial and provincial level. There are 39 specialized laboratories in the college, covering an area of 10,000m2, and the total value of teaching and scientific instruments is over RMB 50 million.  

The college focuses on the development of high-quality talents specialized in application, adheres to the capability and demand as orientation, aims at training technical manpower good at application and faculty members with double capabilities, as well as explore and implement the talent development model of bachelor + technician. Relevant teaching achievements win the Second-class Prize of Higher Education Teaching Achievements of Jiangsu Province. The secondary class held by students enjoys stable development, and students independently establish the Aeromodelling Association, the Robot Association, the Advanced Mapping Technique Association and other students associations, which provide diversified activities.

Students innovative capability development has seen remarkable achievements. We have won over 200 prizes in specialized competitions above provincial and ministerial level, including Second-class Prize of Challenge Cup National College & University Students Extracurricular Academic, Scientific & Technological Works Competition, First-class Prize of National College & University Students Mechanical Innovation & Design Competition, First-class Prize for Teams of National College & University Students Advanced Mapping Technology & Product Information Modeling Innovation Competition, Third-class Prize of Zhou Peiyuan National College & University Students Mechanics Competition, First-class Prize of National English Competition for College Students (NECCS), etc. Over 40 national patents have been granted to us. Over the years, the college has trained about 10,000 teachers and specialized technical personnel with senior or intermediate professional title in total. Our graduates have been well received by employers and the society with employment rate over 97%.   

In recent years, the faculty members have conducted research in the fields of intelligent devices, additional material manufacturing, precision electrochemical machining, equipment re-manufacturing, design of mechanical reliability, CAD/CAPP/CAM, performance testing & control of mechanical and electrical products, undertaken over 10 national level projects, including key national scientific and technological special project, Natural Science Foundation of China, national 863 Program, 15 provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects, including key R & D plan projects of Jiangsu Province, Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, etc., and over 30 municipal and department level scientific research projects, and has over 100 national patents for invention. We have established 2 outstanding scientific & technological innovation teams of Jiangsu Provincecolleges and universities, 2 university-level technological innovation demonstration teams and 1 university-level technological innovation key team.  

By making full use of the talents, resources and technological advantages, the college keeps a foothold in Changzhou to provide service to Jiangsu and vigorously promotes industry-university-research cooperation. Our college signs strategic cooperation agreements successively with China Academy of Machinery Science & Technology, Zenith Steel Group Company Limited, KTK Group, Jiangsu Changfa Group, Xixiashu Tool Industry Research Institute, etc., and carries out industry-university-research cooperation in the fields of digital manufacturing and equipment technology, special precision machining and forming technology, testing and fault diagnosis technology of mechanical and electrical products, design and analysis technology of modern equipment, etc., accomplishes over 70 commercial research projects benefiting the local economy with newly added economic benefit almost reaching RMB 100 million.

Our college will continue to implement the spirit of 8 Projects put forward in the 1stcongress of party representatives of the university, profoundly integrate ourselves into the local economic and social development, keep close to the industrial development demands and make efforts to cultivate more application-oriented talents adaptable to the requirements of social development!