About School

    School of International EducationofJiangsu University of Technology (hereafter referred to asSIE), originallySino-German International Institutefoundedin 2004,wasestablishedin June, 2015and is noworganized together with International Cooperation and Exchange Office(hereafter referred to asICEO)and Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office.

  SIE, byabsorbingadvanced international educational ideology and high-quality educational resources,aims atcultivating highly specialized applied talents with Chinese and German culture background, international vision,international communication ability and professional ability.

    Approved by Education Department of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu University of Technology (hereafter referred to asJSUT)and Hochschule Merseburg developed cooperation and exploredtalents cultivation model of‘2+2’ and ‘3+1.5’in undergraduate education in Mechanism Design, Manufacturing and Automation,Environment Engineering, Applied Chemistry and Marketing. The Programs passed the first batch of review by Ministry of Education in 2007 and the pilot evaluation in 2010.The PrograminManufacturing and Automationwas named as the Nurturing Center of Model Construction Project for Jiangsu High-level Sino-foreign Educational Cooperation.Since its foundation, SIE has sent 11batches of students to Germany to study, altogether over 700 students.

    In July, 2017, JSUT developed cooperation with Troy Universtiy to implementSino-American CHEPD 121 Programwith thecultivation model of ‘1+2+1’in undergraduate education in Finance and Computer Science. Through mutual credit transfer, students in this program can be awardedundergraduate diplomaand bachelor’s degree by both universities after four years learning.

    In September, 2016, according to the Promotion Action of One Belt And One Road Joint Education initiated byMinistry of Educationand the Action Plan of Study in Jiangsu proposed byEducation Department of Jiangsu Province, SIEstarted its enrollment ofoverseas studentsfrom One Belt And One Road countries includingKazakhstan, Russia,Uzebikistan. At present, there are more than 100 overseas students on campus.

    After years’ efforts topromotinginternationalcooperation and exchange, JSUThas established long-termcooperationin education and scientific research with more than 30 universities and education institutes in Germany, UK, Canada, USA, Sweden, France and Taiwai District.