About School

The College of Material Engineering was established in 2009, and its predecessor consisted of the Material Forming & Control Engineering Major of the College of Mechanical Engineering and the High Polymer Material Major of the College of Chemical & Environmental Engineering. The college has 3 undergraduate majors: Material Forming & Control Engineering, Function Material and Metal Material Engineering at present, and also enrolls postgraduate students for Master’s Degree majoring in material orientation in the field of mechanical engineering and environmental engineering. Now there are over 1000 full-time undergraduate students and specialized postgraduate students in the college.

The Discipline of Material Science & Engineering is the key development discipline of Jiangsu Province in the 13th Five Year Plan. The college has key laboratory of Jiangsu Province for advanced material design & additional material manufacturing, key development laboratory of Jiangsu Province for green forming technology & equipment of high performance material, experiment, teaching, practice and education center of Jiangsu Province for chemical engineering material; 3 key laboratories of Changzhou City: key laboratory for interior decoration & structural components of rail transit vehicle, key laboratory for special precision forming & processing of material, key laboratory of Changzhou City for “micro-nano information material and integrated devices”; the college cooperates with enterprises to establish 3 Jiangsu Province research centers of engineering technology and 6 enterprise postgraduate work stations. There are over 1,000 sets of scientific research and teaching instruments and equipment in the experiment center of the college with value over RMB 40 million. The discipline platform and experimental equipment provide favorable condition and guarantee for talent development.     

The college has 57 faculty members, including 5 professors, 15 associate professors, 13 master supervisors and 36 persons with PhD degree, and the teaching staff with masters degree account for over 95% of the total faculty. There is 1 fund receiver listed on the 6 Greatest Talent Summit of Jiangsu Province, 1 young academic leader of provincial Qinglan Project, 3 development targets for outstanding young core teachers of provincial Qinglan Project, 1 university-level outstanding teacher and 2 development targets for outstanding teacher, and there are also 2 persons assuming the post of vice president of technology in enterprises.      

The college faculty members have been in charge of and undertaken over 20 scientific research projects at national, provincial or ministerial level and over 50 commercially funded research projects successively. We have published over 300 papers on important academic journals, including over 100 papers included in SCI and EI, and have applied for over 100 patents for invention. We have won 8 scientific research awards, including the Award for Science & Technology Advancement of Jiangsu Province, Science & Technology Award of China Mechanical Industry, Award for Science & Technology Advancement of Changzhou City, etc. The courses titled Engineering Mechanics and Fundamentals of Engineering Material & Forming Technology are on the list of outstanding courses of Jiangsu Province with 5 published textbooks.   

Our college arouses all efforts for development and forges ahead with a truthful and practical attitude to achieve scientific development, and commits to train integrated application-oriented talents with engineering background. We take the characteristics of the discipline, majors and our own university management condition into consideration, consistently expand talent development approaches, optimize talent knowledge structure and improve talent development quality. Our college adheres to the employment-oriented approach, enhances quality-oriented education and builds the employment platform to continuously improve the employment competitiveness of our graduates. Our students enjoy good performance in postgraduate entrance examination and employment market with employment rate over 95%.