About School

The College of Mathematics & Physics was established in May 2007, and its predecessor was the Department of Basic Courses of Jiangsu University of Technology. At present the College of Mathematics & Physics establishes multiple departments below, including Department of Mathematics, Department of Statistics, Department of College Mathematics Teaching, Department of College Physics Teaching, Mathematics Experiment Center, Physics Experiment Center, etc. The college undertakes the teaching tasks of Mathematics and Physics public courses of the university and development tasks of Applied Mathematics Major and Statistics Major. The college has 2 undergraduate majors: Mathematics & Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

    The College of Mathematics & Physics has a team of high-quality teaching staff. There are 66 teachers in the college, including 6 professors, 18 associate professors, 22 PhDs, 1 academic leader of Qinglan Project of Jiangsu Province colleges and universities and 1 outstanding young core teacher of Jiangsu Province. In recent years, faculty members of the college have published over 150 papers on international and domestic academic journals, among which over 90 papers have been included in SCI. Faculty members of the college have been in charge of and undertaken 16 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 14 projects at provincial, municipal and department level, and published 3 textbooks. Advanced Mathematics is listed as Class II high-quality courses of Jiangsu Province. The college has organized and trained students to participate in China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling and achieved outstanding performance for multiple times. In addition, faculty members of the college have won multiple teaching and scientific research awards at provincial, municipal and university level.