About Department

The Department of Physical Education is a teaching unit directly affiliated to the university, and mainly undertakes the physical education (PE)-related activities including teaching of PE courses, training of sports teams, organization of mass sports events and sports competitions, implementation of National Student Physical Health Standard, construction of stadiums and sports facilities, development of PE faculty, PE scientific research, etc. The Department of Physical Education establishes 6 administrative units: General Office, 1st Teaching & Research Section, 2nd Teaching & Research Section, 3rd Teaching & Research Section, Physical Health Testing Center for University Students and Stadium Management & Service Center.

    There are 37 faculty members in the Department of Physical Education, including 32 full-time teachers, most of whom are university graduates from various colleges and universities, including Beijing Sport University, Shanghai University of Sport, Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, Xi'an Physical Education University, Nanjing Sport Institute, Soochow University, East China Normal University, etc. This college has 2 professors, 16 associate professors, 10 lecturers, 20 persons with master's degree, 2 national class referees and 16 national Class I referees.

Introduction of laboratory

    Physical Health Testing Center for University Students was officially established in 2003, and is mainly in charge of the physical fitness test for all the enrolled students. Testing items include height, weight, vital capacity, sit-and-reach, sit-up, pull-up, standing long jump, 50m and 800m (female)/1,000m (male). The testing should be carried out annually, and the testing data should be submitted.