Student Exchange Programs

Student Exchange Programs



Jiangsu University of Technology

Name of the Project

Changzhou on the Fingertip: an Experience Project of Changzhou’s 'Three Treasures'


June 20th  to June30th

Chinese/English taught course


Enrollment target

Students from foreign technical and undergraduate colleges and universities


20 persons

Minimum enrolment

15 persons /class

Registration deadline

End of May

Credit/non-credit project


Introduction to courses

Enhancing exchanges between youngsters from China and other countries to popularize Chinese culture.
Four main courses: Chinese, Liuqing Bamboo Carving, Comb in Changzhou, Disordered Stitching Embroidery, Cultural Trip in China

Accommodation and meals arrangement




0519-86953143 Xiang Yin

Class in the past and effect

Jan. 19-Jan. 29, 2016 Winter Vacation Program (20 persons)
June. 23~July. 3, 2016 Summer Vacation Program (20 persons)

Dec. 6~Dec. 12, 2017 Jiangnan Culture Program (20 persons)

Programs are quite popular among students and offer them a better access to China, Chinese culture and our university, which in turn, attract some students, together with their relatives and friends, to apply for the overseas Full-time Undergraduates study program in our university.