JSUT Held the Second International Food and Culture Festival

  On November 20th, the Second JSUT International Food and Culture Festival was held on the square in front of the National Education Building. Yu Yaping, Vice President attended the event. Yu had a cordial conversation with teachers and students who participated in the festival, and expressed encouragement and appreciation to Chinese and foreign teachers and students who made food for the event.

  The theme of this International Food and Culture Festival is "Explore Tastes Around the World, Experienc Cuisines of China, and Enjoy Delicacies in Changzhou". Chinese and foreign teachers and students seek the similarities and differences of each other's cultures, fully demonstrating the campus atmosphere of "each has its own beauty, and beauty is shared together". More than 30 dishes cooked by more than 30 international students from 22 countries attracted teachers and students to come. French potato and avocado salad, special hand-grabbed rice in Central Asia, coconut rice in Myanmar, and popular Luoshenhua juice in Africa represented the unique flavor of each country. Chinese and foreign students dressed in traditonal costumes and shared stories of their hometowns, customs and cultures, promoting the exchanges and interactions of Chinese and foreign cultures.

  JSUT actively built a platform for Chinese and foreign students to learn from each other and have friendly exchanges. Displaying the food culture and art of different countries and regions will help students to learn to communicate and respect each other as well as to broaden students' international vision and create an international atmosphere on campus, contributing to the high-quality development of "Belt and Road Initiative".