Academic lecture on "Trajectory attractors for 3D damped Euler equations and their approximation"

Time: 8:00am, April 25th


Lecturer: Sergey Zelik, Professor of Univeristy of Surrey

Content: In this talk, we study the global attractors for the damped 3D Euler-Bardina equations with the regularization parameter α>0 and Ekman damping coefficient γ>0 endowed with periodic boundary conditons as well as their damped Euler limit α→0. We prove that despite the possible non-uniqueness of solutions of the limit Euler system and even the non-existence of such solutions in the distributional sense, the limit dynamics of the corresponding dissipative solutions introduced by P. L. Lions can be described in terms of attractors of the properly constructed trajectory dynamical system. Moreover, the convergence of the attractors of the regularized system to the limit trajectory attractor as α→0 is also established in terms of the upper semicontinuity in the properly defined functional space.

Interested teachers and students are all welcomed!