JSUT Vice President Leading A Delegation Visits Japan


  Recently, Zhou Lanzhen, Vice President, leading a delegation visited Sophia University, Chiba University and JCL Foreign Languages School in Japan. Relevant personnel accompanied the delegation.

   Professor Yoshihiko Sanlun, Vice President of Sophia University, warmly welcomed JSUT delegation. He introduced the long history and excellent conditions of Sophia University, as well as the contributions to the internationalization of education, cultural exchanges between China and Japan, and the cultivation of overseas students. He welcomed JSUT students to Japan for exchange and study. Zhou Lanzhen conveyed gratitudes for the warm reception. She introduced the characteristics, disciplines and international cooperation projects of JSUT. She expected the two universities to give full play to their respective advantages to carry out practical cooperation, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. After the meeting, both parties signed a student exchange agreement.

  During the visit to Japan, JSUT delegation also visited the campus, the comprehensive education and research base of Chiba Universit, and interacted with the head of the campus and Chinese students studying there.

  At JCL Foreign Languages School, JSUT delegation and President Kimura Kenji had an discussions on cooperation in building an overseas Japanese internship base and assisting students in applying for master's degree programs from Japanese universities.

  This visit has further expanded the cooperation with Japanese universities and educational institutions, and opened up a new chapter on the cooperation and exchange with Japan.