JSUT Has a Video Conference with Azrieli Institute of Engineering


  On the afternoon of October 10th, JSUT held a video work meeting with Azrieli Institute of Engineering in Conference Room 201 of the International Education Building. Gidi Etzion, Vice President of Azrieli Institute of Engineering, Debbie Shalev, Director of International Affairs Office, Wang Jun, JSUT Vice President Xu Xiaofeng, Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Office, and Wang Jiangtao, Deputy Director of Academic Affairs Office, attended the meeting.

  At the meeting, Wang Jun introduced the basic situation of JSUT and hoped that both sides would combine their respective educational characteristics and professional advantages to further carry out in-depth exchanges and cooperation. Gidi Etzion introduced the relevant situation and innovation characteristics Azrieli Institute of Engineering.

  In the second stage of the conference, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on short-term exchange and learning between teachers and students, related professional cooperation, and joint development of innovation and entrepreneurship courses within the framework of cooperation. Both parties present expressed that the work meeting is pragmatic and efficient, and look forward to the solid progress of the upcoming cooperation and achieving good results.