French Expert Gérard Bois Appointed as a Visiting Professor of JSUT and Give an Academic Report


  On the morning of November 8th, JSUT held a visiting professor appointment ceremony and appointed Professor Gérard BOIS of Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’ Arts et Métiers as a visiting professor. JSUT Vice President Wang Jun and revelent personnels attended the meeting.

  Wang Jun warmly welcomed Gérard BOIS and introduced the basic situation and recent development achievements of JSUT. Gérard BOIS introduced his personal experience, research field, and basic information about the French higher education and research system. Wang Jun wore the JSUT emblem for Gérard BOIS and issued a visiting professor appointment certificate and warmly congratulated him on joining JSUT. He hoped Gérard BOIS to give suggestions for the development of JSUT in the future and strongly support the international cooperation and exchange.

  In the afternoon, Gérard BOIS gave a wonderful report on the theme of Research Progress of Turbomachinery in the National Key Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics in France. The holding of this academic report will help expand the international perspective of teachers and students of JSUT , and strengthen exchanges with top international scholars.