About School

    The College of Computer Engineering originates from the Department of Computer Science established in 1994. The college establishes 6 undergraduate majors: Computer Science & Technology, Software Engineering, Information Management & Information System, Digital Media Technology, Network Engineering and Education Technology, and the computer category (Computer Science & Technology, Software Engineering) is under the category of 12th Five Year Plan key majors of Jiangsu Province.

    There are 1,950 students enrolled in this college at present. The college has 91 staff for teaching, scientific research and administration, including 9 professors, 33 associate professors, 38 lecturers, 25 with PhD degree (including 5 candidates) and 61 with master's degree, and also recruits 1 specially-invited expert of China's Thousand Talents Program (The Recruitment Program of Global Experts). The college establishes 1 key development discipline of 13th Five Year Plan of Jiangsu Province, 1 key development discipline of the university, 1 key laboratory of high-tech research of Changzhou City and 2 university-level science & technology innovation teams, and also has 5 university-level research institutions and research centers, covering the fields of network multi-media and virtual reality, data digging and intelligent information processing, computer control and embedded system, computer network and control, algorithm analysis and design, modern education technology, etc.