About School

The College of Chemical & Environmental Engineering has developed on the basis of the Chemical Engineering Department, which was established in 1993, and has become a secondary college providing training to 5 undergraduate majors, including Applied Chemistry, Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering & Technology, Resources Circulation Science & Engineering, and the postgraduate major of Environmental Engineering. There are 90 faculty members in the college at present, including 82 teachers for different majors. 57.1% of the faculty members have senior professional title, and 71.4% have PhD degree.  

With construction and development over the years, as well as interaction and integration of multiple disciplines, our college has established 2 key disciplines: Environmental Science & Engineering and Chemical Engineering & Technology. In the recent 5 years, the college has undertaken 40-plus government sponsored research projects of various kinds, including the United Nations Development Programme scientific research project, key project of national scientific and technological support plan, project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, scientific research project of Science & Technology Department of Jiangsu Province with research funds over RMB 30 million, as well as over 40 commercial research projects of various kinds, with research funds around RMB 20 million.We have also published papers on domestic and overseas authoritative journals such as Nature Communication, etc., with over 200 papers included in SCI, and have published over 20 works and textbooks of various kinds; we have won 2 first-class prizes, 5 second-class prizes and 4 third-class prizes at provincial and ministerial level, including the Award of Science & Technology Advancement of Jiangsu Province and Teaching Achievement Prize of Jiangsu Province.