About School

    The College of Business of Jiangsu University of Technology was established in May 2010 by merging the original College of Economic Management and College of Accounting, making it a secondary inter-disciplinary college studying Economics and Management. It is a training base for cores teachers of national secondary vocational education and provincial higher vocational education marketing major, the only unit for upgrade from junior college to undergraduate by self-taught exam for International Economy & Trade Major in Jiangsu Province, and also the testing station of National Computer Rank Examination.

    The college has 121 faculty members, including 13professors, 47 associate professors, 38 PhDs and PhD candidates, 6 development targets (3rd level) of provincial 333 Project, 7 outstanding core young teachers of provincial Qinglan Project and 4 part-time master supervisors.Teachers of double qualifications (excellent in both academic and professional competence) with certified public accountant, senior accountant, accountant and other qualifications account for 50% of the total faculty. Many renowned domestic and overseas professors, enterprise presidents and technical experts are recruited to be part-time or specially-appointed professors.