Specialties and Deciplines

The college has 6 undergraduate majors: Electronic & Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Automation, Measurement/Control Technology & Instruments, Engineering of Internet of Things and Automation, including 1 national-level special major, 1 brand major of Jiangsu Province, 1 special major of Jiangsu Province, 1 pilot project of integrated reform of majors by the Ministry of Education (2nd batch) according to 12th Five Year Plan, 1 key major project of Jiangsu Province according to 12th Five Year Plan and 2 majors for education and training program of outstanding engineers (software category) of Jiangsu Province.

   Various majors of the college have intensified he education and teaching reform and the development model of application-oriented talents with innovative capability and make great efforts to develop high-level application-oriented engineering and technical talents who can be engaged in production application and development, production and marketing, operation and maintenance as well as technical management in fields related to electrical information industry in the background of practical engineering by keeping a foothold in Jiangsu Province and covering the economic development demands in Yangtze River delta region.


Introduction of laboratory

The College of Electrical & Information Engineering establishes a central laboratory with over 30 divisions, including basic laboratory, specialized laboratory and innovation laboratory, The laboratories cover an area of over 8,000m2 and the total value of experimental equipment is over RMB 28.70 million. The central laboratory also establishes provincial-level experiment and teaching demonstration center for basic courses of electrical & information engineering and practice & education center of information engineering.

   The experiment center provides service to various majors, including Electronic & Information Engineering Major, Communication Engineering Major, Electrical Engineering & Automation Major, Measurement/Control Technology & Instruments Major, Engineering of Internet of Things Major, and Automation Major, aswell as majors related to the college, such as Computer, Mechanical Engineering, etc. An open and integrated platform in the form of base is established with development of students' application capability of electronic technology, electrical technology and computer as the core task.

    The experiment center has built a high-level experiment and teaching team with academic leader in charge. There are 15 full-time experimental and technical personnel according to the authorized manning quotas. The remaining posts are concurrently held by specialized teachers, and they form several experiment, teaching and research teams with experimental and technical personnel together based on the disciplines.