Specialties and Disciplines

    The college has 7undergraduate majors (major orientations): Accounting, Financial Management, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Finance, International Economy & Trade and Economic Statistics. There are over 3100 full-time undergraduate students enrolled in this college. The college has cooperated with Anhalt University of Applied Sciences of Germany in long term for joint training of Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Statistics is the key development discipline of Jiangsu Province, MBA is the key development discipline of the university and Industrial Economics is the key development sub-discipline of the university. MBA Major is the key undergraduate major of Jiangsu Provincecolleges and universities, Accounting Major is the special major of Jiangsu Province, and Marketing Major is the development major station of national cultivation and training center for key development vocational education faculty specified by the Ministry of Education. Statistics is listed as the high-quality course of Jiangsu Province, the textbooks of Political Economics and Financial Management of Modern Enterprises are listed as the high-quality textbooks of Jiangsu Province, and the textbook of Statistics is selected as the high-quality course establishment and development textbook of Jiangsu Province.


Introduction of laboratory

The experiment & teaching center of economic management was established by merging the original experiment & teaching centers of the College of Economic Management and the College of Accounting. The center was initially established in 1996, and has developed into a modernized integrated experiment center with comprehensiveness and high simulation performance for the economic management-related majors after continuous development over the years. The center was approved to be university-level demonstration center in 2007 and provincial level demonstration center in 2015.

    The center covers a construction area of 4,000m2 with total assets over RMB 8 million. So far the center has established multiple laboratories, including 4 integrated simulation laboratories, economic prediction and decision-making laboratory, 2 ERP integrated training rooms, multi-functional conference hall, micro course studio, university-enterprise joint creation space, etc. The experiment contents of course experiments, course design and integrated experiment projects offered have already covered all the undergraduate majors set by the College of Business at present, and provided solid support for development of the specialized skills of application-oriented economic management talents and the training chain of innovation ability and entrepreneurship.

At the beginning of its establishment, the center has applied the giga optical fiber backbone network to build the infrastructure framework of the whole center. The center is equipped with the whole-process teaching monitoring system to conduct the whole-process monitoring of teaching activities in all the laboratories of the center. It also establishes an independent secondary data center to realize remote monitoring of server resources and network access devices. At present, the center has achieved informatization and cyberization in management of routine teaching and assets.

    The objective of the center's efforts in the future is to establish an internship and training base for modern economic management with proper scale, advanced equipment, scientific management and leading teaching performance, and to provide proper conditions for training of high-quality economic management talents with practice records by constantly exploring the new practice and teaching system meeting the talent development requirements.