About School

The College of Education is a secondary college, which was established on the basis of the original Education Department in June 2003. The Vocational Technical Normal College was established in 2012, and co-works with the College of Education in the same location. There are 46 faculty members in the college, including 10 professors, 17 associate professors and 16 PhDs (including candidates). The college has 2 outstanding university teaching staff of Jiangsu Province, 2 first-batch young and middle-aged science and technology leaders of 333 Project of Jiangsu Province, 2 young and middle-aged university academic leaders of Qinglan Project of Jiangsu Province, 1 outstanding core young teacher, and 5 part-time PhD and master supervisors from Nanjing Normal University, Southeast University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Qinghai Normal University, etc.The college also recruits 10-plus renowned domestic scholars, such as Lin Chongde, Zhu Xiaoman, Shi Weiping, Mo Lei, Ban Hua, Qiu Xuehua, etc. as part-time professors. Several teachers of the college have been awarded the honorary titles of Zeng Xianzi Outstanding Teachers of Normal Colleges & Universities, Outstanding Educators of Jiangsu Province, Outstanding Ideological & Political Workers of Jiangsu Province, TOP10 Outstanding Teachers of Changzhou City, May lst Labor Medal of Changzhou City, etc.

The college establishes 3 departments (Department of Pedagogy, Department of Psychology and Department of Preschool Education) and 1 center (Center of Art Education), and also establishes teaching and scientific research institutions, such as Research Institute of Vocational Education in Rural Area, Research Institute of Psychological Education, Research Institute of Occupational Psychology, Changzhou Research Center of Applied Psychology, Psychology Experiment & Teaching Center, etc.

In the recent 5 years, the faculty members of the college have undertaken over 20 scientific research projects at national, provincial and ministerial level and over 70 projects at municipal and department level, won over 30 awards for scientific research achievements above municipal and department level (including 8 awards at provincial and ministerial level), and published over 400 academic papers.

There are over 500 full-time students enrolled in the college with good academic atmosphere. The college has been awarded the titles of National May 4th Red Flag Youth League Branch, Advanced Grass-root Party Organization in Colleges & Universities of Jiangsu Province, Advanced Summer-Vacation Social Practice Group of College & University Students of Jiangsu Province, etc.